Tina Nguyen

Tina is an IFBB professional figure competitor. She started working out and prepping for a show in 2012. Her first show was the Ronnie Coleman in 2013; she placed second out of 35 women in her class and qualified for Nationals. Tina decided to take off to improve. In 2014 she came back to compete in the same show and won first plus OVER ALL title.  Later the year, Tina won class C figure and earned her professional status in less than 6 months. She also quickly earned her status throughout her social media following including Instagram and Facebook, as of today over half a million following.  A few awards have been given was “Figure athlete of the Year” by Fit Gem poll, “Texas Figure athlete of the year” by Texas NPC, “Breakout competitor” by Fit Gem poll and so forth. Besides being a professional competitor, Nguyen is also a full time college student who is a Terry Scholar, honor student, Phi Theta Kappa member, and also a property manager. Tina is currently sponsored by Tamee Marie suits, SAN Nutrition, Do You Even clothing, and Get Flawless Hair makeup.

Ambrose Middleton

Ambrose started bodybuilding back in 1998 where he won his first show in heavyweight class at the Europa. He also has been training over 15 years including prepping women/men for competitions. Ambrose is a certified trainer and an IFBB professional bodybuilder. He started competing nationally in 2004 and recently had earned his professional status at the North American winning overall over 40 bodybuilding. Ambrose has many successful clients and athletes who have turned pro, placed top 5-10 at local and national shows.  Besides bodybuilding he is also a real estate broker at Ambrose Real Estate in Dallas, Texas where he helps clients who are interested in buying or selling.